Our Designs

Our designs are inspired by Australia’s tropical north and Townsville’s characteristically ‘sloping’ landscape. We have put years of time and thought into building residences that are modern, elegant and impeccably presented, yet comfortable and eco-friendly. We also enjoy working closely with our clients in developing custom designs to meet their particular tastes and circumstances.


Contemporary designs

Our passion for design means that we’re always keeping up with the latest developments in architecture. Whether our clients are seeking a luxurious open-plan home with a view or a creative, cutting-edge residence, we can deliver on contemporary designs.


Designs made for sloping blocks

Townsville’s famous sloping blocks can present quite a challenge for inexperienced builders. But we’ve been working in the area so long now that we have plenty of experience in responding to its geography. Our homes for sloping blocks speak to the landscape, achieving beauty, stability and cost-effectiveness.


Energy-efficient designs

Even though living in Townsville means coping with exorbitant temperatures, we don’t believe that you should have to deal with equally exorbitant air-conditioning bills. Our intelligent designs feature maximum energy efficiency. So you can save money on energy and, at the same time, do the planet a huge favour.


Lightweight designs

For clients looking for a home with an edge, we offer specialised lightweight designs.  Big on style, they are a highly appropriate answer to our warm humid climate and tropical lifestyle.