1.  What will the cost per square metre be?

This is a question that we get asked regularly, and so we have developed a process to assist our clients. We can generally give you a rough estimate but if you are serious about building with us we use the following process:

  • Send you to our building designer to have a preliminary plan completed.
  • Develop a preliminary specification with you which details the fixtures and fittings that you would like included in your new home.

This allows us to give you an accurate preliminary estimate, and you can then decide whether to proceed knowing that you won’t be up for an extra $50,000 when the final drawings are completed.


2.  Do I have to choose all the paint colours and decor myself?  Or can you help with that?

Some of our clients have been very comfortable with taking control of their home decor, while others have been a little less sure. We are happy to work closely with you and/or an interior designer to make sure that you achieve the look you are chasing with your new home.


3.  I’ve heard horror stories about subcontractors – can I be sure that yours will do their job right?

Generally the subcontractors we use have either been working with us on projects for years or they have come highly recommended. All of our projects are closely supervised and we only use subcontractors with a demonstrated track record for good quality workmanship. We also directly employ a small team of carpenters and apprentices.


4.  Will I get to meet with the builder in person?  And will they be honest about any extra costs?

All of our clients have regular meetings with our builder, Mark.

We are also transparent with the details of any variations to the contract – we will even give you a copy of the quote from the supplier/contractor for any additional items.